Team by DevEvolved℠

In today’s world of agile software development, there are technology staffing challenges without many innovative ways to solve them. Team by DevEvolved is such a solution. It gives project owners access to the necessary talent by creating an individualized team of experienced management and development consultants in a way that avoids the complexities and potential cost overruns.

  • Work is always done as needed on an hourly basis
  • Everyone in a single team has the same hourly rate
  • Prior approval is needed for any hours used
  • Purchasing more hours can reduce the hourly rate

The Team by DevEvolved℠ approach allows you control over how and when your hours are used in order to effectively manage the project.

  • First, you choose your package of pre-paid hours
  • Next, a project lead is assigned who works directly with you to create a written roadmap which includes timelines and estimated costs based on your project objectives
  • Finally, the project lead will put together your individualized team to complete your project
  • During the project lifetime, the project can be adjusted to handle changes in demand and priorities on a weekly basis
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Our approach

According to the Standish Group’s CHAOS Report 2015, only about 29% of software development projects are successful. Software projects can fail for a variety of reasons, including lack of communication, no end-user involvement, not following industry standards and unclear objectives. Software is not the proverbial “silver bullet” that will solve all of your problems by itself, and many software projects are not able to accommodate the way you work.

From the initial design and planning steps through the implementation and beyond, our approach works with you to make sure you get the best results, performance, and usability. This approach allows us to create a solution that lets the technology do the work without getting in your way. We blend modern design principles with high-quality, leading-edge engineering practices to build highly usable and engaging solutions to complex problems, taking software development to the next evolutionary step.